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My name is Mihaly Kun, and this website is about exploring my limits and going into my UNKNOWNS. Since childhood, I was interested in both the physical world – National Geographic was my favorite magazine, and my inner world – practiced yoga and meditation during my teenager years. At work I often pushed for radical solutions and they were usually rejected by mainstream bosses. During my middle years, I started to climb mountains, fly small planes and sail small boats, in other words I was continuing to explore my limits. In my older years, I became interested in health, aging, nutrition and exercise. Now retired, I feel it is time to fully explore my inner and outer worlds and their limits, and this website is to show the results of my explorations. I hope that it will inspire you to explore your own dreams and limits.

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About Judy

My name is Judy Jacobs, and I am Mihaly’s travel and life partner. When I was growing up, other kids were talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. I was only interested in where I wanted to go. And it was everywhere that was unique and interesting. When I was 20 years old I took off to study in Japan and lived with a Japanese family. It changed my life forever. My career as a travel trade journalist specializing in Asia gave me the opportunity to travel to the region countless times. But it hasn’t been since my backpacking days in my 20s that I was able to really experience cultures on a local level. Now that I’ve “retired from the rat race” I’m determined to do it again. This blog will be the story of my journey.

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